Saturday, August 04, 2007

Desktop 003

This is an object I made recently out of polymer clay. I crumpled piece of paper and covered it with clay. Then, I poked holes in it with a mechanical pencil. Not too difficult, but it becomes something more dynamic in the photo. Ps- it's for sale: $1,000 (nerp)


Anthony Iverson said...

robotic insect infested coral? nice

hey man, i'm really sorry i didn't make it to the bbq. my sister's getting married in two weeks in italy.. i had to get suited up before it was too late (hard to get suits made for tall skinny people i guess).
are you still in the area?

caleb coppock said...

no problem on the bbq... i know your heart was in it. congrats on the wedding in the family!

nope, i've moved on to the great state of Nebraska!

i'll be back and forth to Mpls, though.