Friday, August 31, 2007


I recently got a scanner from a good friend and here are some drawings from last year that I scanned.


JaraBeara said...

i like this.

Mann said...

Wow, your 2D work is so powerful. Are any of these drawings for sale? I have one of your paintings from Soo Visual.

caleb coppock said...

thanks Mann!

Thanks for picking one of my paintings up. That's super encouraging. I am open to talk about selling those works.

you can email me at

Anthony Iverson said...

hey caleb! I swear, you make me so jealous. i've never seen someone so creative. how long did it take you to make one of those? you should make a book of these, i would totally buy it. or posters or something.

And sorry I haven't seen that video yet (you sent an email). I have to check in at a wifi coffee shop soon.