Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I painted these recently. There was a time when my obsession with ornamental carp was out of hand. I'm better now.


The Wags said...

There was a void that the carp filled for a time and now the Daphne has filled that vacancy. Some call it an obsession while others contend that it is in fact, love. Thank You.

Daphne said...

there are so many things to say:

1. don't come in here! (while anxiously closing safari)

2. for the record, your love for ornamental carp may be an obsession but it's a really cool one.

3. i am glad you're better now.

4. thanks for giving these to me for christmas. i love them (and you)!

but mostly i just want to say:

5. now that you've scanned them, i want them back.

Chris said...

seriously, these are AWESOME

wentzr said...

your work is amazing. Found you from a link on the same page as a link to a friend of mine's photo gallery showing a while back.

Being a musician and artist myself, I'm really moved by the graphite sequencer project. it's so simple, yet so wonderful.